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55 Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes and Lots throughout South Florida

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Sold at U.S Bankruptcy Auction for $5 Million!

"Without a doubt, I can claim unequivocally that Fisher Auction Co., Inc. is indeed  the standard of Excellence in sales of real estate assets. Lamar, your knowledge of the U.S. Bankruptcy  Code, extensive experience involved with the complexities of the Judiciary, and understanding grasp of the necessity for the detailed accountability required by law, have always impressed me. I appreciate  your calm patience, demonstrated  most recently, through the processes to complete the successful Auction of the first 55 properties in the "Maxim" case, the beginning of the largest distressed property sale in Bankruptcy Court history.  You had to be pleased with the compliment given by the Honorable Judge Raymond Ray for your efforts! I look forward to the future, and the opportunity  to expect the same professional performance you have rendered in the past." - Kenneth A. Welt United States Bankruptcy Trustee