Here’s The Different Type of Auctions To Be a Part Of

Your Auction Options

We’ve discussed the different genres of auctions available, but we haven’t touched on the different types or styles that exist. Here are your three auction options:

Sealed Bid Auction

In a sealed bid auction, confidential bids are placed. Bids are submitted prior to auction day; the bids are then revealed on the predetermined date, with the highest bidder winning.

Live Auction

Live auctions, or live on-site auctions, are conducted at a meeting room or facility. The item is usually pre-inspected by the persons at the live auction, and the item is sold to the highest bidder.

Online Auction

As the name implies, bids are place online or over the internet. The item is place for sale on the internet, with all bidding being conducted online during a specified timeline.

Fisher Auction Company provides both live auction and online auctions for real estate property. Place a bid on a great piece of property today!

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