Different Auction Genres You Can Try

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During an auction, an item or service is won by the highest bidder. People who take part in auctions can walk away with extremely valuable items, and there are various auction genres to try.

Antique/Collectible Items

There are many people who love antiques or collectibles, whether it’s for their value or aesthetic appeal. Paintings, cards, tea sets and many more items can be won at an auction.

Car/Vehicle Auction

Regardless if it’s a damaged car, a collector’s item or a brand new, luxury car, an auction can be the place to get your hands on a car you desire.

Police Auctions

Unclaimed lost and found items and seized goods are put up for auction either at general auctions or online.

Land/Property Auction

Anyone who is looking for land or property can place a bid in an auction. Some of these properties include bankrupt houses, luxury homes and commercial property. If you want to try a real estate auction, contact Fisher Auction today.


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